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Code: BPPG
Basal Plane Pyrolytic Graphite Electrode

BPPG working electrode is chemically stable, is a typical working electrode. Disk working electrode is most commonly used electrochemistry measurements, example, Cyclic Voltammetry.
Disk electrode is easy to polish electrode surface for cleaning, and easy to calculate the surface area.
Electrode size is as shown in the figure. The BPPG diameter is 3.0 mm. The electrode body material is a Kel-F , which is a fluorochemical product also known as PCTFE (polychlorotrifluoroethylene). The outside diameter is 1/4"(inch); 6.35 mm. The CTFE seems excellent than PEEK in heated sulfuric acid solution from the user information. Listed below is the result of the immersion solution each 7 days.

Reagent Name
Weight Change(%)
HCl(35%) +0.1
H2SO4(98%) 0.0
HF 0.0
(NaOH(50%) 0.0
NH3(aq)(28%) 0.0
Methanol +0.2
Acetone +0.1
Chloroform +0.6
Toluene +3.7
Benzene +3.9
MEK +3.3
Ethyl Acetate +3.6
Diethyl amine +1.9
Phenol +0.1

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