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Code: Sulfate
Mercury/Mercurous Sulfate Reference Electrode with Double Junction Holder

Mercury/Mercurous Sulfate Reference Electrode is used for avoiding Cl- (e.g. Cl- analysis), or using SO42- electrolyte solution
Hg2SO4 + 2e = 2Hg + SO42- E0 = 0.6151V vs. NHE 25 C
D.J.Ives and G.J.Janz, "Reference Electrodes," Academic Press, New York,1961

The electrode is composed of Hg/ Hg2SO4/ H2SO4 solution or K2SO4 solution.(For Shipment, internal solution is 1M K2SO4. It is easy to refill or change the inside solutionin of electrode. The electrode is long-lasting
The electrode is made of glass. The electrode liquid junction is made of Porous ceramics .
The elecrodet can be inserted into solution directly. If Double Junction Holder is used, first, add the solvent and supporting electrolyte into holder, and then set the electrode into the holder. Last, insert the whole electrode into test solution.

Electrode length: 105mm (approximatet)
Length from joint to bottom: 60mm (approximate)
Diameter from joint to bottom: 5mm (approximate)

Length of holder: 85mm (approximate)
Diameter of holder: 9.7mm (approximate)

Price $98

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